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 The Rules Read 'Em

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The Rules Read 'Em Empty
PostSubject: The Rules Read 'Em   The Rules Read 'Em EmptySat Mar 07, 2009 1:09 pm

1. No spamming
This means that you should never post anything that doesn't make any type of sense.

2. No advertising
you want to advertise then do it in your signature, if we find out that
you advertised through PM's your forum/site,you will be banned!

3. No flaming/Popularity Contests.
Please don't argue with anyone,or even be rude to them,and DO NOT be rude to the staff.

4. Do not back seat mod
not pretend to be a moderator when your not.Please don't post "please
lock this thread" or "this thread is not needed", because that's back
seat modding.

5. Don't double post
Don't post twice in a row, in other words,wait until someone posts after you, then you can post again.

6. Don't post inappropriate pictures/langauge
Don't post adult materials, or anything that is considered offensive.

7. No Hacking/Cheating Discussion
Don't post anyting about cheating or links to third party programs. This also includes password sharing.

8.The Staff




Trainee Moderators

9. Don't not ask to be a Moderator or an Administrator.
If you do ask,you will lose your chances on becoming one.

10. These forums are copyrighted!
you steal anything or any idea,you will be asked kindly to remove them
at first, but if you don't respond/remove it,we will need to contact
the Administrator of the Forumotion Boards.

11. Infractions:
If you get 5-8 infractions then you will be Perma-Banned.

12. Signature and Avatar Rules:
-Signatures may be no larger than 400x500 (pleas use a spoiler for vert tags)
-No adult content or sexually oriented materials
-Do not link to sites discussing illegal activities, such as hacking
-Do not link to sites offering warez or pirated wares

13. No Illegal Discussion!
This includes talk of hacking, stealing, or anything else against American or foreign laws.

14. Stay On-Topic:
Please stick to this subject stated in the first post. Failure to stay on topic could result in an infraction.

15. Searching and Reading Stickies/Announcements:
Over and over, the same questions are posted and over and over given the same answer. Use the "Search" button and put in some keywords for your subject. Your answer may already be out there! Also, please read the stickies and announcements in any given forum--these will help you tremendously.

16. Planet Chobot Uses Images from Chobots.
Chobot images, text, ideas, etc.
©️ 2007-2009 Chobots "Your Family Game"
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The Rules Read 'Em
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